10 Tips for Moving Home with Kids

November 24, 2020 | Laura Whittle

Moving home with kids

Moving home with kids is a big transition for any family – leaving old memories behind for new, saying goodbye to friends, and joining a new community.

The best way to prevent extra stress on the day is to plan in advance, and while you can’t totally eliminate all of the challenges that come with moving with children, there are tips that can help ease the process.

Here are our top tips for helping kids ease into the upcoming move.

1. Give them a heads up

Make sure to give your children plenty of notice before moving. Telling them a month or two beforehand will ensure they have time to get comfortable with the idea of it and not get worried.

A good tip is to take them to the area and show them around. Point out things they can get excited about such as playgrounds, parks, shops and their new school. If possible, try to visit the house with them (or a show home if you’re buying off-plan) before the move to give them an idea of what their bedroom will be like. Alternatively, ask your Sales Advisor if you can see a floorplan and some pictures of how it might look once it’s decorated.

2. Try to avoid moving during school time

If possible, try and move during the summer to make the transition easier. Starting school halfway through a year will mean they will not only have to play catch up with all the schoolwork, but friendship groups will also be well defined.

If you’re staying local and your child isn’t moving school then this shouldn’t be an issue. A good tip in this instance would be to arrange your move on the Monday so that you can take annual leave from work that week while your kids are in school. This will give you plenty of time to get flooring fitted, get any new appliances or furniture delivered and make a start on unpacking boxes.

Moving home with kids during school time

3. Don’t show them you’re stressed

Your kids look to you for emotional cues. If you’re positive about the move, they’ll have a sense that everything will be okay and feel positive about it.

On the other hand, if you are feeling stressed and showing it, your children are likely to also become stressed and begin to think that the move is a negative thing.

4. Get them involved

Let your kids help you choose things like colours of paint, furniture, and other decorations. You can also get them involved in packing their belongings. By including them in this way, they will feel excited about the new house, rather than anxious.

Make moving home with kids fun

5. Make it fun

Make the move as fun as you can for your kids. You can try playing games with them to give them a safe place to escape into their imagination.

Cardboard boxes can be great fun for little ones, so why not let them decorate the moving boxes. Put out markers, stickers and decorative tape – your kids will love it and you’ll have the snazziest moving boxes around.

6. Ask for help

Ask a family member for help with looking after the kids while you move. This will give you time to have a break and tackle any major tasks.

Make sure to check to see if this is possible at the time of your move, depending on the government guidelines for moving during the coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak.

7. Pack an essentials box

Put together an essentials box of useful things you might need to hand on the day. This could include items such as bottles of water, snacks, baby wipes, nappies and your child’s favourite toy. For older kids, make sure to bring chargers for their phones/iPads and for the adults, don’t forget the kettle and everything else you need so you can have a cup of tea!

Pack an essentials box when you move home with kids

8. Utilise kid-free time

Turn nap time and bedtime into pack time and get as much work done while your kids are at school or nursery. This will help you be as prepared as possible before the big day arrives – you don’t want to still be packing boxes when the removal van arrives!

9. Unpack their rooms first

When you move into your new home, start by unpacking your kids room first. If possible, you could treat them to something special like a fun night light or a projector. This will allow them to get comfortable in their new environment and settle in quickly.

10. Keep a routine

Routine and structure are important. Once you have moved into your new home, try and do the things that you used to do, such as movie nights and family mealtimes.

Make sure to invite people they are close to, such as family and friends, to come and visit. This way, they will feel like they have just changed house, rather than losing their home. If this isn’t possible due to coronavirus and lockdown restrictions, they could give their best friend or closest relative a tour of their new room via Facetime or Zoom instead!

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