How to make your new-build house a home 

April 10, 2019 | Laura Whittle

According to a recent survey, over a quarter (28%) of house buyers install a new bathroom, 25% rip out the existing kitchen, and 20% invest in new windows.*

One of the many advantages of buying a new-build property is that you don’t have to worry about any of that. Your new place will be clean and freshly decorated, so you can focus on the exciting things like picking out carpet and choosing curtains.

However, with such a blank canvas to work from, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to putting your own stamp on your new shared ownership property.

So here are a few simple ideas to help you turn your house into a home.

Make a statement

Your new home may be freshly decorated, but that doesn’t stop you from getting out the paint brushes and adding your own personal touches.

If you’re not afraid of making a statement, maybe consider adding strong colours in neutral rooms – especially cosier rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms – and watch it instantly add personality to your home.

Furnish with colour and texture

If one of the reasons you bought your new-build home in the first place was so you wouldn’t have to touch a paintbrush, then don’t worry – you can still make your mark in other ways.

Using furnishings such as cushions, bedspreads, rugs and throws to add colour and texture to your new home is a great way to add a shot of individuality without much effort.

Make it personal

A few personal touches around the house make all the difference. An easy way to put your own stamp on a new home is to personalise your walls with your favourite prints, paintings and family snaps.

And why stop at walls? Filling your shelves and worktops with treasured trinkets will have your new place feeling homely in no time.

Dress your windows

Blinds and curtains are not only a great way to regulate temperature and add privacy, they’re also perfect for adding a bit of personality.

With so many styles and fabrics to choose from, from curtains and drapes to roll up Roman blinds, you can choose a style to suit you and add your own stamp to the property.

Of course, finding a place to make your own in the first place can be the hardest job, with ever-increasing property prices making it difficult to afford to get on the property ladder.

However, shared ownership is helping thousands of buyers across the North West, and Onward Living is proud to offer a range of housing options to first-time buyers, families and anyone looking to find a great home in the area.

To find out more about shared ownership and the latest homes available from Onward Living, give us a call on 0151 708 2421 or email sales@onward.co.uk.

*research, carried out by Bilendi on behalf of GoCompare Mortgages in September 2017