New-build garden ideas for summer

April 29, 2020 | Laura Whittle

Want to get your new-build home garden looking fabulous for summer?

The gardens of new-build homes are usually pretty plain to start with, consisting of just a paved area and a lawn. While it might not appear to be the most inspiring landscape at first, you should see it as a blank canvas that you can customise whichever way you like.

If you don’t have a lot of gardening experience, don’t worry. We’ve put together some of our favourite tips and ideas to help get you started.

Create a path

Image credit: Ti-Media

A curved path is a creative way to make a smaller garden feel bigger. It’s also good for dividing the garden into smaller spaces that can be used for seating or for plants.

Make a veg patch

Image credit: rocketgardens.co.uk

You don’t have to have a big garden to be able to grow your own fruit, veg and herbs! Consider creating some raised beds with quality soil – you can also use them to grow ornamental plants in too!

Grow aromatic plants

Image credit: naturallivingideas.com

A scented garden is one of life’s simple but most beautiful pleasures and it’s actually quite easy to achieve. Experiment with all kinds of different scents including lavender, lilac, sweet pea and honeysuckle – to name just a few.

Design a patio area

Image credit: Jamie Mason

Create some extra outdoor living space with a patio area! Invest in an outdoor sofa and up the comfort factor with plump cushions, side tables and an outdoor rug, so you can make the most of the warm summer weather.

Add a mirror

Image credit: houseandgarden.co.uk

Transform a dark corner with a weatherproof mirror positioned to create a more interesting focal point. In a small and enclosed garden, this is a great trick to create the illusion of space and make it appear bigger.

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your new-build garden for summer we’d love to see! Connect with us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram and tag us in your transformation pictures.